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Laura Armstrong - 3X Martial Arts World Champion

As a 3X World Champion Martial Artist, I know what it takes to get to the pinnacle of success and create a leadership legacy that ripples out into the world both personally and professionally.

Are you READY to become a


Are you ready to step into your leadership but just aren’t sure how to go about it? That’s why I created this 3 Day Leadership Challenge. It’s an opportunity for you to embrace your leadership by going through short daily trainings and tasks that get you focused, motivated and stepping into your success.  

Over The Next 3 Days, You Will Learn:

  • Day 1: Identify Your Gold Medal Self
  • Day 2: Recognizing Roadblocks
  • Day 3: Where are You Now?
The 3 Day Leadership will lead you to true leadership, which develops from within, but shows up when we apply those principles without – so let’s get you to unshackle what’s holding you back and create a clear path to your Gold Medal Leadership.

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